Herp House Vol. 3 Issue 4

Herpetoculture House Vol. 3 Issue 4 Cover Large

Welcome to another incredible issue! In Vol. 3 Issue 4 we are treated to some in-depth articles regarding captive care of Cave Geckos by Rachel Wintjen, Herping Round Island with Tony Jones, as well as Gargoyle Gecko Captive Care which is our Free Preview this issue. So grab yourself a beverage and your PDF reading device and come with us as we explore herpetoculture. We would be remiss if we didn’t also mention our regular (volunteer) staff articles as well. Ron Tremper writes about hatching reptiles in the Tremper Insider, Melissa Coakley takes us Cross Country Herping, and Dr. McCormack speaks about our responsibility to our reptile companions when it comes to veterinary care, Lillie Nyte takes us through breeding Dubia Roaches and their nutritional value, finally we get a serious education on Turtle Derbies from our newest author Michael!

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