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Ball Python (Python regius) Captive Care – Ricky Melamed 

Green Tree Python (Morelia spp.) Captive Care – Scott Powley 
Snake Mite Identification & Treatment – Sara Viernum 
The Mystery & Nature of the Red Tail Boa Constrictors – Sarah Hagen 
Dumeril’s Boa Captive Care – Lillie Nyte 
Corn Snake Captive Care – Justin Guyer   Large Constrictors: Beginners Guide to Handling & Safety – Chris Law 
Large Constrictor Ownership – Chris Law 
Papuan Python Captive Care – Matt Charnock 
Mexican Night Snakes – Justin Guyer 
African Rock Python Rescued – Jim Pearce 
Carpet Python Captive Care – Bruce Riker  Spotted Mexican Milksnake – James Tintle Colubrid Corner
 Amazon Tree Boa Captive Care – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101
 Outer Banks Kingsnake – Doug Mong Colubrid Corner
 Snakes of the Appalachian Mountains – Steve Atkins 
Tale of Two Species or subspecies (Boa constrictor spp.) – Rob Pettipas
 Snake Bites: Why They Happen & how to Avoid Them – Lillie Nyte
 Rough Green (Opheodrys aestivus) Snake in Captivity – Heather Seals 
Takes on Herpetoculture: An Irreverent look at The Fear of Snakes – Matt Herbert 
 Green Tree Python Captive Care – Brandon Osborne 
 Bull Snake Captive Care – Tony Webb  
Kingsnakes & Milksnakes with Robert Applegate of Applegate Reptiles Breeders Spotlight – Dawn VenomAngel 
 Viper Boas (Candoia sp.) – Jason Richardson 
 Corn Snake Captive Care – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101 
 House Snake Captive Care – Erik Paterson  


False Water Cobra – Ashley Dezan 

 Indian Cat Snakes – Francesco Gannoni
 Mangrove Viper Captive Care – Graeme Lotter
 Western Hognose Captive Care – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101
 Gaboon Viper Captive Care – Tripsy Tarantula
Puff Adder Captive Care – Tripsy Tarantula
 Timber Rattlesnake Conservation – Shelly Cox Conservation Concepts 
Takes on Herpetoculture: An Irreverent Look at Rattlesnake Republic – Matt Herbert
Hot Keepers View of the Bite – Brandon Osborne 
Rinkhals Cobra Captive Care – Tripsy Tarantula 
Venomoids: Hot Snakes Hotter Topic – Chris Law 
Snouted Cobra Captive Care – Richard Mastenbrock 
How to Stop Rattlesnake Roundups – Bill Rulon Miller 
Bush Viper Captive Care – Graeme Lotter 
 Western Massasauga Rattlesnake Conservation Concepts – Shelly Cox 


Alligator Captive Care – Chris Law 


Geckos in Fact & Fiction – Corrina Bechko 

Desert Banded Geckos (Coleonyx sp.) – Marcia McGuiness  
Iguanas Misunderstood Lizards – Hilary Blundon 
Black & White Argentine Tegu Captive Care – JD Hartzel 
Taming the Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius) – Daniel Bebb 
Meller’s Chameleon – Debbie Swiechowicz 
Bringing Home a New Chameleon – Ryan Jarosek 
 Mommy We Want a Dragon Bearded Dragons as Pets – Elizabeth Semple 
Breeding Leopard Geckos – Tom Williams 
Curly Tail Leopard Gecko – Dave Pellettiere 
 Of Dreams & Dragons – Lisa Baines 
 Blue Tegu Captive Care – Brad Wilson 
Tegu Tid-Bits: Captive Care of Tegus – Larissa Lurid 
Paroedura lohatsara Captive Care – Kasi Faulkins 
 Gargoyle Geckos Captive Care – Larissa Lurid 
 Cave Gecko Captive Care – Rachel Wintjen
 Steppe Runner Captive Care – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101
 Captive Care & Natural History of Bearded Dragon Beauties – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101 
 Crested Gecko Captive Care – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101 
 Mountain Horned Dragon Captive Care with Tammy Russell of California Breeders Union 
 Knob Tailed Geckos Nephrurus – Jordan Russell of California Breeders Union 
Savannah Monitor Captive Care – John F Taylor – 


Axolotls – Gary Rolfe 

Amphibian Importance – Sara Viernum
 Salamanders of the North Carolina Mountains (a pictorial) – Steve Atkins
 Hellbender Conservation: Save the Snot Otter – Sara Viernum 
Toad Conservation – Shelly Cox Conservation Concepts 
 Frogs on the Frontier – Melissa J Walker  

Turtles & Tortoises

Red Eared Slider Captive Care – Marc Ouellette 

Turtle and Tortoise Derbies – Michael Thathuvaswamy
  A Look into the world of Turtles in Captivity – Michael Thathuvaswamy Snapping Turtle Conservation – Shelly Cox Conservation Concepts
 Tortoise Supply Breeders Spotlight – Dawn VenomAngel 
Designer Sliders turtle morphs – Marc Ouellette 
Blandings Turtle Conservation – Shelly Cox 


Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches – Ciara Utech 

Dubia Roaches Captive Care & Breeding – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101 
Beginner Tarantulas Part 2 Terrestrial Species – Lillie Nyte
 Beginner Tarantulas Part 1 Arboreal Species – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101 

Field Herping

Field Herping & Conservation in Costa Rica – Melissa Coakley 

Introduction to Field Herping – Melissa Coakley 
Florida Field Herping – Melissa Coakley 
Field Herping Ethics – Melissa Coakley 
Herping in Pennsylvania – Melissa Coakley 
 Etiquette of Group Field Herping – Melissa Coakley
 Tegus in their Natural Habitat – Melissa Coakley 
Field Herping with Children (a Pictorial) – Steve Atkins
 Cross Country Herping – Melissa Coakley 
Herping Round Island – Tony Jones 
Herping Massachusetts (part 1) – Melissa Coakley 
Herping Massachusetts (part 2) – Melissa Coakley 
Getting Lucky on a Southern California Drive – Cameron Lamb 
Carolina Mountain Herps (a pictorial) – Steve Atkins 
Mikes African Adventure – Mike Denton 
Best Field Herping Memory – Melissa Coakley  Herping the Carolina Sandhills (a pictorial) – Steve Atkins 
The One that Got Away – Melissa Coakley 
The Guardians of Field Herping – Melissa Coakley 
 Herping the Western United States – Melissa Coakley 
Field Herping with a Purpose – Melissa Coakley New Look at an old Hobby – Melissa Coakley 

General Interest

What Keeping Reptiles has Done for Me – Luke Halstead 

Egg Hatching – Dr. Robert Sprackland 
Changing the Laws – Luke Halstead 
Breeding Mealworms & Superworms – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101  
Feeding Conundrum – John F Taylor 
 Off Schedule Feeding of Reptiles – Todd Cornwell 
Responsible Reptile Keeping – Lillie Nyte Herpetoculture 101 
Substrate Items: Wood Based Products – Dr. Bruce Bogoslavsky 
Takes on Herpetoculture: An Irreverent Look at Pythons in Florida – Matt Herbert 
Wizard of the Python Ban – John Potash 
 Reptile Ownership & Vet Awareness – John Paul of Infinity Reptiles 
An Introduction to Reptile Nutrition – Jo Taylor 
 First Family of Herpetology – Dawn VenomAngel 

Ask the Vet

Inbreeding in Captive Reptile Populations – Dr. Sean McCormack 

Reproductive Problems in Captivity – Dr. Sean McCormack  
Are Vet Trips Necessary? – Dr. Sean McCormack 
Vitamin Supplements – Dr. Sean McCormack 
Respiratory Infections in Reptiles – Dr. Sean McCormack 
Iguana Captive Care – Dr. Sean McCormack 
Salmonella & Reptiles – Dr. Sean McCormack Ask the Vet 
Green Tree Frog Injury – Dr. Sean McCormack 

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