Submission Guidelines

We welcome both herpetoculture & herpetology related articles and photography. Herpetoculture as defined here includes reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates which are kept as captive pets. You can submit your article or photos via email to us by emailing Replacing the _at_ with the @ symbol. We ask that you please see this Proper Manuscript Format prior to submission for articles. Photographers please submit your photos as attachments in .jpg format.

Articles not following the above Manuscript format will be returned unread. Please attach all photos as separate files when submitting for use with an article. We are looking for articles between 1,000 to 3,000 words covering the captive care requirements and natural history of  specific species of reptile, invertebrate, or amphibian that you have experience with. Please submit at minimum 3-5 quality photos with any submission of an article. Please send photos as separate attachment either within the same email as article submission or in another email. All contributors have the opportunity to have a business card size advertisement for their company in the magazine. All articles are submitted with the understanding that they will be first reviewed by the Reptile Apartment Group Peer Review Board and then submitted for editing should they pass peer review. For more information on our editorial policies please see the following Herpetoculture House Digital Imprint Editorial Policy. Any article not following the provided guidelines will be immediately rejected. Please allow 2 weeks for response to your submission prior to following up. All pieces for entry into a particular issue will be given a hard deadline and will not be included should they not arrive on time.