HerpHouse Vol. 4 Issue 3

HerpHouse Mag Vol. 4 Issue 3 Tuatara

Ever wished you could see a living dinosaur? Ever seen a Tuatara before? Our colleague and Tribe member Tony Jones gets us up close and personal with of the planets oldest living reptiles in our feature piece.

Kim LaForest of the The Forest Photographer let’s us know how she goes about capturing her stunning gecko photography. She has some incredible tips on angles, backgrounds, and more!

With the recent release(s) from not only Tremendous Tricolors but also ColdBlooded Publishing we wanted to make sure our Tribe got a glimpse of the ONLY Kingsnake John would ever own. Coffey Line Aberrant Grey-Banded Kingsnakes are just breath taking, there’s a sneak peek of NEVER released photos on Reptile Apartment. In Colubrid Corner this issue James Tintle goes into the history of these snakes and more.

ColdBlooded Publishing has just released The Guide to Honduran Milksnakes: A Collective History of Honduran Milksnakes for the Hobbyist to Amazon! Any reptile owner should truly own this book. It’s given me a completely new appreciation for a species I thought I knew.

With the release of Vol. 4 Issue 3 of HerpHouse Mag we decided we’d release the first part of Dr. McCormack’s eyebrow raising¬†Inbreeding in Captive Reptile Populations.¬†In Part 2 he explains the genetics of creating morphs and well it’s a must read.

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