Herp House Vol. 3 Issue 3

Herpetoculture House Vol. 3 Issue 3 Large CoverWe have so much to share with our readers this issue! We have two herpetoculture veterinarians this issue as Dr. Bruce Bogoslovsky talks to us about wood substrates, and Dr. McCormack talks with us about reptile vitamins A-Z. Then we Cameron Lamb of Cameron Lamb Exotics takes us with him on his Southern California Herping trip while our own Melissa Coakley takes us back to finish her trip in Massachusetts. We then get into the interesting Steppe Runner Lizards with Lillie Nyte in Herpetoculture 101, and we also introduce our newest author Michael Thathuvaswamy with Turtle Times where he takes through turtle and tortoise ownership. Beyond that you will just have to pick up a copy to see the rest of the incredible content that we created this issue!