Herp House Vol. 2 Issue 6

Here we are once again with an enormous expansion to Herpetoculture House Magazine! In this issue we meet Tyler Stewart of Tortoise Supply in the Breeders Spotlight, Chris Law writes about Venomoids, Shelly Cox teaches us about the conservation of the Great Plains Toad, Bill Rulon-Miller tells how to stop in the incredibly cruel Rattlesnake Roundups, Brandon Osborne educates us on keeping Green Tree Pythons, and for the venomous keepers we get an in depth look at the Snouted Cobra! We also introduce two new columns The Tremper Insider written by Leopard Gecko legend Ron Tremper and An Irreverent Look at Reptile Culture by Matt Herbert. We of course have all the show listings in Jim’s Reptile Journal while Lillie Nyte talks with us about beginner tarantulas and Melissa Coakley shows us tips for first time field herpers! Not to mention the incredibly fun and entertaining kids pages from Jo Taylor and in Ask the Vet we learn about Green Tree Frogs. All that for just $2.99!