Reader Reviews

We here at Herpetoculture House Magazine always love to hear from our subscribers and what they think of the magazine. Below there are links to the reader reviews we have gotten over the years. We invite anyone to write a reader review so we can share those with those who are thinking of subscribing to our magazine.

Frank Indiviglio of That Pet Place gave us a great review!

Lillie Nyte was a former reader before she became a columnist and had this to say in her review of the magazine. Little did she know a year later she would be writing for us!

Hillary B. has been a longtime reader and has this to say in her review.

Kevin Oskow our future Creative Director had this to say in his Herpetoculture House reader review.

Greg Stephens of Tri-State Herpetological Society had this to say in his personal reader review.

Here is Justin Guyer of Herpin’ Time Radio with his reader review!

Shawn Heflick of NatGeo Wilds Python Hunters reader review Herpetoculture House Magazine!

Tom Crutchfield of Crutchfield Reptiles talks about his experience in his reader review.

Becky Billard Reviews Herpetoculture House Magazine in her reader review.

International Herpetological Symposium: “A quality magazine at a fraction of the price of other publications that are only half as good.”

So now that you’ve read some reviews why not grab a subscription!


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