Field Herping: The One that got Away – Melissa Coakley

Tales & Trails for our 2012 Annual says goodbye to another year as well as the snakes, lizards, and various other reptile creatures that have scampered off into the sunset. Annoying us with their creative ways of disappearing into the underbrush or canopy while we are left in wonder.

Reptile Ownership & Vet Awareness – John Paul

When did your reptile last see a veterinarian? Is there one close who can properly treat your pet reptile? All these and more are in store when we join John Paul of Infinity Reptiles as he examines Reptile Ownership & Vet Awareness

Timber Rattlesnake Conservation – Shelly Cox

Timber Rattlesnakes are often maligned simply for being a snake much less a venomous one. Shelly Cox takes us on a journey through the conservation efforts to help these snakes in the wild.

Salmonella & Reptiles – Dr. Sean McCormack

Salmonella is a constant when keeping reptiles and or ANY animal or even just eating food. Dr. McCormack explains how the rewards and a little common sense go far in salmonella prevention with reptiles.

Rattlesnake Republic & Animal Planet – Matt Herbert

Matt Herbert is his newest addition looks at the educational programming of Animal Planet channel asking how can you claim to be FOR animals when you’re FILMING their wanton slaughter for no other reason than ENTERTAINMENT.

Introduction to Reptile Nutrition – Jo Taylor

Introduction to Reptile Nutrition takes you through the basics of outlining different dietary needs of commonly kept species as well as thorough overview of what is nutritionally necessary when it comes to reptiles and their diet.