Lillie Nyte

Lillie Nyte is a crazy cat lady turned passionate herp keeper. Her interest in reptiles began with a love for all animals and an early aspiration to become a paleontologist. Although, she has only been keeping reptiles since 2003, her obsessive desire to learn everything she can about her animals has filled her brain to bursting with knowledge which she is dying to share. Starting with an attraction to the classic boa constrictor her main herpetocultural interests now lie with Pituophis species, Asian ratsnakes, Amazon tree boas, and Dumeril’s boas. She also keeps a few other snake species, various gecko species, and a growing number of inverts. Her main advice for beginning herpers is to always do your research first and to never stop learning.

Lillie has written an article on Dumeril’s boas for Herpetoculture House e-zine and runs the Dumeril’s boa lovers Facebook group. She is a frequent visitor to reptile shows in the Northeast where she can be found supporting her close friends from Urban Jungles Radio.