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HerpHouse Digital Reptiles Magazine is the construct of a small team of dedicated volunteers who have decided for better or worse (I’m sure they have regretted it some days) that it was a good idea to support an independent magazine created to educate the public about proper herpetological care. Without going into a long diatribe of boredom you will see below the titles of our HerpHouse staff members and their names as a link which will take you directly to their individual pages. Before moving on however, I must say that without the staff below I would never have been able to make this happen. This of course goes without saying that our writers and photographers who’ve so graciously submitted their works we thank you as well.

Executive Director: Becky Billard

Content Editor: John F Taylor (The Herp Father)

Managing Editor: Dr. Robert G. Sprackland

Tails & Trails Columnist: Melissa Coakley

Herpetoculture 101 Columnist: Lillie Nyte

Ask the Vet: Dr. Sean McCormack

Tremper Insider: Ron Tremper

Colubrid Corner: Tremendous Tricolors & ColdBlooded Publishing