Herpetoculture House 2013 Annual

Vol 3 2013 Annual

Vol 3 2013 Annual

The Herpetoculture House 2013 Annual is now available right here! I honestly never saw our team out performing last year. I mean come on, we had some insane talent not just on staff but with guest writers as well. In 2013 as most of the Tribe knows now John moved to Canada to pursue Reptile Apartment Group and Herpetoculture in general alongside Rebecca. Prior to this myself and a very few stubborn minded individuals gave rise to the Reptile Apartment Group and specifically Herpetoculture House Magazine. I thought we were doing pretty well for a start-up in herpetoculture.

Then I met Rebecca. The rest speaks for itself as you’ll see in Vol. 3 Issue 6 and the 2013 Annual below. Our magazine has reached a new level. Why not jump in now and SUBSCRIBE. Lisa Baines takes us on the incredible journey of Sailfin Dragons, then we tag along with Graeme Lotter as he grows up with Mangrove Vipers! We then jump into the herpetoculture of hognose snakes, blue Tegus, feeding conundrums, and field herping.

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