Herpetoculture House Volume 2

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Herpetoculture House Volume 2 kicked off with the further enhanced designs coming from Kevin Oskow our Creative Director which of course pushed us to create a better magazine this year and so we pledged to do just that and below is that effort. Click the covers below to grab the single articles from each issue!

Volume 2 Issue 1 Herpetoculture House Digital Reptiles MagazineIssue 1 We survived the Mayan Predicted Apocalypse. That being the case we called upon Bruce Riker to write about the (Free Full Length Article) Carpet Python, Ashley Dezan talks about caring for False Water Cobras, Luke Halstead of Canada talks to us about the far-reaching and ill-informed legislation which is being presented in Canada. Olga Zalabak takes us on a photo essay through Reptile Shows, and Melissa Coakley talks with us about Field Herping Ethics.


Herpetoculture House Vol. 2 Issue 2 Issue 2 we find ourselves lost amongst the beauty of the Dumerils Boa of Madagascar, then we have Sara Viernum The Wandering Herpetologist speaking about that nemesis of all reptile keepers (Free Full Length Article) Snake Mites, What Reptile Keeping Has Done for Me? is an in depth look at what one man learned about himself by keeping reptiles. Then it’s off to South America to learn about the Mystery & Nature of Boa Constrictors with Sarah Hagen of Tegus From Around The World. Not to be outdone we follow Melissa Coakley into Cost Rica and go field herping! Justin Guyer of Herpin’ Time Radio writes about the captive care of Corn Snakes to wrap this issue up.

Issue 3  Beauty in Brown is an excellent treatment on the captive care of the (Free Full Length Article)  African House Snake by Erik Paterson, Melissa Coakley shows off some new equipment in this installment of Tales & Trails, Melissa J Walker talks about the Amphibians of Alaska? Yeah, I know, really it’s true. We then get a real treat with Paul White taking us through the proper care of Florida Kingsnakes.

Herpetoculture House Vol. 2 Issue 4 Issue 4 I have to be honest about Vol. 2 Issue 4; this was  the breakout issue for us. With the new contributors and the quality of talent in the writers we had this issue just brought us to another level of greatness. Ever since this issue, we’ve kept trying to make this better. We had the Breeders Spotlight, Jungle Jo’s Activity Pages, Conservation Concepts, Jim’s Reptile Adventures, and that’s not counting the feature articles! Featured articles included Mountain Horned Dragons by Tammy Russell, while her husband Jordan drops into to write about Nephrurus. The Russell’s run a small (gigantic in awesomeness) reptile operation that rivals anything I’ve seen. You can check them out at California Breeders Union. Jason Richardson writes about the captive care of Viper Boas, and Herpetoculture 101 covers the care of the classic Corn Snake.

Herpetoculture House Vol. 2 Issue 5Issue 5 we are visited by Graeme Lotter from South Africa where he works with venomous species and other reptiles. In this issue he’s discussing the captive care of (Free Full Length Article) Bush Vipers. Marc Ouellette of Lil’ RESQ in Toronto takes us through the interesting and sometimes bizarre world of Red Eared Slider Morphs. Tony Webb from the United Kingdom writes about Bull Snakes in a captive environment, Melissa Coakley of Tales & Trails takes us into the western U.S. Deserts, Shelly Cox speaks about the plight of Blandings Turtles and of course much more.


Herpetoculture House Vol.2 Issue 6Issue 6 Once again we tackle the controversial issues that most other reptile magazines won’t. Venomoids: Hot Snakes, Hotter Topic by Chris Law, Lillie Nyte works with us overcoming our fears of arachnids in her new piece Beginner Tarantulas. Bill Rulon-Miller busts some myths while speaking frankly about Rattlesnake Round-ups. To lend an air of comedy to the world of Herpetoculture we are joined by Matt Herbert who takes a more irreverent look at the industry we work in. Brandon Osborne takes us into the world of the Green Tree Python Captive Care as well as Richard Mastenboek wrapping up these feature captive reptile articles with Snouted Cobra care.

Herp House 2012 Annual2012 Annual we pulled all the stops for this one and had some large pieces which put the magazine on the map of publishing everywhere. Timber Rattlesnakes by Shelly Cox, Veterinarian Awareness by John Paul of Infinity Reptiles, Bearded Dragon Care, Rinkhals, The One that Got Away…Field Herping isn’t always successful. Saving Snot Otters with The Wandering Herpetologist, Rough Green Snake Care, Matt Herbert speaks to Animal Planet, Rising Sun Reptiles in the spotlight, Steve Atkins Photographic Essay Carolina Herp Adventure kicks off and an EXCLUSIVE Nadilyn Beato printable POSTER FREE! Brandon Osborne writes for us again this issue about a touchy subject envenomation and his personal journey step by graphically illustrated (photos) step.