Kevin Oskow

Kevin Oskow is CEO and Founder of the Big Reptile Network, and its’ network of sites and web applications.  Kevin is an accomplished professional with more than 15 years of proven success in web and business leadership, marketing, management and development.

Kevin’s background is rooted in graphic design, web development and marketing of various search engines and directories.  Professionally, he has been a part of startups of successful companies alike.  He started the Big Reptile Network because of his herpetological interests and success with online business development.

Kevin is considered an expert in building and transforming teams and organizations within high-pressure environments.  His experience at developing systems and infrastructures to support the realization of team vision and mission is driven by proactive planning and efficient strategies.

Kevin has been recognized for his involvement in community leadership and development over the last 17 years.   He began his leadership training in youth groups at the age of 15 and had later become a youth group advisor.  Since then he has sat on various committees and boards for major philanthropies and volunteering groups.  Today he sits on the board of directors and served as chair for one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the country.

From a young age, Kevin has been surrounded by snakes, turtles, frogs, fish, dogs, rabbits, lizards and invertebrates.  Although he hasn’t received his Field Herping badge yet, he looks forward to getting out more and trying to track down and take pictures of the various elusive critters in the San Diego area.