Herp House Vol. 3 Issue 2

Herpetoculture House Mag Cover V3 I1Herpetoculture House Vol.3 Issue 2 is like no other we have produced to date. We say that as we were pretty proud of our 2012 Annual which was packed full of information! Just this last month there was some discussions about reptiles and respiratory infection. Most of this centered around identification, treatment, etc. we thought it was a great topic for Dr. McCormack to cover. Well, he agreed with 15 pages of information speaking to the rest of us who don’t understand medical jargon! As if that wasn’t enough, I met Mike Denton via Tom Williams one of our regular columnists on Reptile Apartment and Mike was kind enough to share his African Adventure with us and well I won’t spoil it but he was treated to some sights of the reptile world that not many see. Then Steve Atkins points his incredible lens towards the mountains of the Carolinas and shows us the salamanders residing there. The fun doesn’t stop there but you’ll have to grab the issue to see the rest of it, just two dollars! As always we 100% guarantee satisfaction (see terms and conditions upon checkout).