Herp House Vol. 1 Issue 2

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<img class=” wp-image-293 ” title=”Herpetoculture House Vol. 1 Issue 2 ” alt=”Herpetoculture House Digital Reptiles Magazine Vol. 1 Issue 2″ src=”http://herphousemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Herpetoculture-House-Issue-1-2-1.jpg” width=”240″ height=”310″ /> Vol. 1 Issue 2

Herpetoculture House Vol. 1 Issue 2 carries on the tradition of asking the more in depth questions about herpetoculture and how to do things properly. In this issue we’re not disappointed either, we have Ryan Jarosek of Jarosek Park Reptiles giving us the proper techniques for bringing a Chameleon home in his article New Arrival: Bringing Home a New Chameleon. Who would have thought that there was a better way to bring home a chameleon? I mean obviously they are a delicate species of lizard but some of the techniques that Ryan lays out are truly innovative. Daniel Bebb speaks with us about Taming Leopard Geckos, Gary Rolfe of Northampton Reptile Centre asks you are Axolotls not the coolest pet you can own? While JD Hartzel of Herpin’Time Radio digs in deep with the captive care of the Argentine Black and White Tegu. Finally we finish out this issue with Debby Swiechowicz better known as Jungle Jewels Reptiles writes about the Magnificent Melleri Chameleon species.