Herp House Vol. 3 Issue 6

Cover for Herpetoculture House Vol 3 Issue 6

Herpetoculture House Volume 3 Issue 6

Herpetoculture House Vol. 3 Issue 6 sees another huge design change as Rebecca Billard-Taylor has taken over as Executive Director or The Reptile Apartment Group and implemented some incredible design changes with the magazine. In this issue alone we have Ron Tremper Leopard Gecko Genius looks back at 2013, Lillie Nyte of Herpetoculture 101 shares the Top gifts for Herpetoculturists, Ashley Ahlgren goes Behind the Scenes: Vet’s Pets Reptile Store, Ask the Vet: Dr. McCormack talks Ball/Royal Python Respiratory Infections (which also is covered in depth in his prior article Respiratory Infections in Reptiles, The Unsung Heros of Herpetoculture by The Herp Father, Taking Notes in the Field with Melissa Coakley.