Herpetoculture House Volume 3

Herpetoculture House Volume 3 is somewhat of a tumultuous volume of Herpetoculture House. We lost a few folks in the first two volumes and then we took a serious blow when we lost a couple more during the writing of Herpetoculture House Volume 3. We made it through and came out stronger in the end. This would be know internally as the volume which changed Herpetoculture House forever,  we are announcing our intent to become a full service digital herpetoculture imprint for the publishing of quality reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate captive care, research, and reports in the form of non-DRM or non-digital rights managed publication. More information will be available as we work through the process of copyrighting etc. These eBooks would be of interest to the herpetoculture industry as well as the herpetological industry as well.

Onto Herpetoculture House Volume 3.

Herpetoculture House Digital Reptiles Magazine Vol. 3 Issue 1Issue 1 Lillie Nyte of Herpetoculture 101 continues from her prior Beginner Tarantula Piece completing it in this issue with beginner terrestrial species of tarantula and their care. Matt Herbert takes the state of Florida to task regarding the state sponsored Python Hunt. Tripsy Tarantula shares her experiences with the captive care of Puff Adders. Ron Tremper talks about working with reptiles full-time. Shelly Cox talks about Snapping Turtle Conservation and shares the reviled Snapperfest and its cruelty. Jim Shivers reviews the Lone Star Reptile Expo. Steve Atkins one of the most talented photographers today continues his journey through the lens as he is treated to and shares some of the most intimate moments of reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate life of the Carolinas. This time we go into the Carolina Sandhills!


Herpetoculture House Vol. 3 Issue 2Issue 2 Steve Atkins now peers into the lives of the Salamanders of the Carolina Mountains in this issue. We then join Mike Denton on an unforgettable African Safari where he saw not only an insanely cool snake but some wildlife and culture which is breath-taking. Lillie Nyte talks about snake bites and what to do when it does happen in Herpetoculture 101. We then join Melissa Coakley on her field herping experiences in Massachusetts. We then sit down for the most in-depth reptile consult ever seen outside a veterinarian journal. We talk with Dr. Sean McCormack about Respiratory Infections in Reptiles (FREE DOWNLOAD) and we got the inside and complete story. Jim Shivers interviews Stamps Tarantulas and as if that wasn’t enough he then reviews NARBC.


Herp House Vol. 3 Issue 3 CoverIssue 3 I get engaged to Rebecca! Rob Pettipas talks with us about the speciation of Red Tail Boas. Michael educates us on the captive care of turtles and tortoises. We then get lucky with Cameron Lamb of Cameron Lamb Exotics while road cruising in Southern California. Herpetoculture 101 Lillie Nyte shares with us the captive care of Steppe Runner Lizards which are an incredible beginner species. Melissa Coakley checks in again from the second part of her Massachusetts field herping road trip. We are then joined by Dr. Bruce Bogoslavsky D. V. M. who tells us everything we ever wanted to know about using wood products as substrates for reptiles. Steve Atkins takes us searching for frogs, toads, turtles, and lizards that call the Carolina Mountains home in his continuing photographic essay. We then step into the consultation room again with Dr. Sean McCormack in Ask the Vet as he takes us through the entire gamut of reptile vitamins and minerals and breaks down each one and explains why they are important.


Herpetoculture House Reptile MagazineIssue 4 We dig into the secretive world of Cave Geckos with Rachel Wintjen of Western Oregon Reptile Keepers Herpetological Society. Herpetoculture 101 by the one and only Lillie Nyte takes us through the captive care of Dubia Roaches as well as breeding them easily! We then get a very special treat from across the pond when we are visited by Anthony Jones who not only gets to go herping on Round Island but he goes with none other than Bill Love! Speaking of photographic talents which are National Geographic worthy Steve Atkins now has us trekking through the Appalachian Mountains searching for snakes. Larissa Lurid joins our magazine with her incredibly in-depth captive care of Gargoyle Geckos article (FREE DOWNLOAD). Ron Tremper talks about hatching and incubation of reptiles. Michael explores the sometimes seedy world of Turtle Derby Races across the United States. Speaking of cross-country Melissa Coakley is off again this time crossing the United States searching for reptiles and she takes us along on her exciting journey. Dr. Sean McCormack lays out the facts in what some might consider a less than savory bedside manner. Fact is, he’s dead on in what he’s saying. He’s not just some self-righteous animal lover he’s speaking from seeing this every day.


HH3-5AdSpot Issue 5 This can be nothing than other the Great Tegu Take Over! Larissa Lurid (I will convince her to be a regular contributor) takes us through her experiences with the captive care of Tegus but not only that, she breaks down the natural history with beautiful photography and much more information than we’ve seen anywhere else. This of course has caused us to release this incredible piece in our Feature Length Preview Section (Coming Soon). Tripsy Tarantula is at it again with keeping venomous reptiles safely. This time she takes us through the captive care of Gaboon Vipers. These are one of my favorite venomous species and reading this article made me feel more confident about potentially keeping them. Before keeping any venomous pet we cannot recommend enough this eBook Venom in Captivity. The bell has rung and to say Lillie Nyte has her ruler at the ready for this new piece in Herpetoculture 101 would be an understatement. Someone ticked her off and she let’s the entire industry know how shape up and we couldn’t agree with her more! After our vicious scolding we jump into the truck, then onto a defective bicycle, finally arriving back with photographic evidence of wild tegus in Florida. Did we mention all the hazards Melissa Coakley went through to get this piece? We feel for Bill her husband. We talk Off Schedule Feeding with Todd The Snake Man whom you might recall has published with us before at Reptile Apartment. Ron Tremper then talks with us about the practice of proper hibernation of reptiles often sometimes known colloquially as brumation which is in fact a misnomer. We then take a look at Paroedura lohatsara geckos which Kasi Krauss is referring to as Party Geckos. In her piece she covers the captive care of Paroedura lohatsara as well as making note that they are species in need of conservation. We finish this issue with Steve Atkins reminding us what it means to take a kid field herping with us at this whimsical adventure through his camera lens.

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