HerpHouse Volume 4

HerpHouse Volume 4. Once the volume is completed it will be available here as one complete download. For now as publish the issues we continually update here as they are released for download. Don’t forget to grab the free issue and check out all the previews as well. If you want to know a bit more about us and who we are drop by and read Our Story.

Four years ago, I had this insane idea to take reptile media as it were to a world-wide audience with every resource I could manage. I launched five or more various reptile related sites with the incredible help of some of my colleagues. Little did I know there was an East Coast Rival…

Here’s the first issue of Volume 4

Cover of Herp House Mag Vol 4 Issue 1

HH Vol 4 Issue 1

You know the saying ‘Great minds think alike.’ I’m NOT claiming to be the next reptile guru. Let’s just acknowledge that now. What James Tintle & ourselves are doing is creating what will be & is quickly growing to be the largest trustworthy reptile network available today. We are exploring every single medium of media to reach the largest audience possible. It’s not just about reaching the ‘target’ audience though. For us, it’s about educating the public at large with the quality information that is available from the best resources.

Together we are teaming up to spread the word of education & enjoyment of reptiles & while acknowledging the negative; promoting the positive aspects of the current network that we are building. Are you interested in becoming a part of this network? Sign up for the Newsletter & learn more as James and or ourselves will be happy to answer any and all questions about what we are doing & how you can be involved with the fun!

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