Herpetoculture House Article Previews!

We decided what better way to share our awesome Herpetoculture House magazine than allowing our potential subscribers to download an article as it truly appears in the magazine itself. Therefore we have created Herpetoculture House Article Previews. Below are the selections we have chosen to share.


Carpet Pythons by Bruce Riker

Snake Mite ID & Treatment by Sara Viernum

African House Snake by Erik Paterson

Herpetoculture 101: Corn Snakes by Lillie Nyte

My Observations on the Captive Care of Common Bush Vipers by Graeme Lotter

Reptile Veterinarian Awareness

Respiratory Infections in Reptiles

Download Herpetoculture House Gargoyle Geckos by Larissa Lurid

Then we decided to one better and give you a whole issue!

Free Issue of Herpetoculture House

Preview Issue

If you like the preview we highly encourage you to grab a subscription. If you’re still not sure about subscribing then grab a single issue which carries a money back guarantee! If you’re not 100% satisfied with the issue you’ve purchased send us an email and we will refund the money within 24 hours of purchase no questions asked.

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