Shelly Cox

Shelly Cox with ColuberShelly Cox grew up in Northwest Missouri where she has had a life long love of all animals, but with a particular soft spot for reptiles and insects. She currently lives on a farm with her husband of 25 years. Living in the country affords all sorts of opportunities to observe wildlife and she enjoys sharing her experiences with friends, and family.

Her job as a naturalist with the Missouri Department of Conservation puts her in constant contact with the public allowing her to share her passion for Missouri’s natural world. Shelly currently authors a weekly column in her local newspaper entitled “MObugs—Discover Missouri Outdoors”, she maintains three educational blogs, and writes short stories for numerous newsletters around the state. She is also currently working with local herpetologist Dr. Mark Mills on a timber rattlesnake survey of NW Missouri. They are in their 2nd year of this ongoing research. “I have a true love of these misunderstood snakes.” Says Shelly.

She owns 7 snakes, 4 tarantulas, and several varieties of exotic cockroaches. Each of these animals are used in educational programs to help instill in our youth a love of all things wild.