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Venomous Reptile Captive Care

There are risks with owning ANY animal. This has been proven in numerous studies of animal ownership. Safety is the number one factor anyone who owns or works with animals must take into account. That said when you add in that the animal you want to or are working with is venomous the stakes change & dramatically.

You’ve arrived here because either:

A) You’re interested in owning or working with venomous animals

B) You already own a venomous animal & you want to implement safety protocols

Venom in Captivity is the ONLY report available today with guidelines & protocols outlining the real risks of owning a venomous animal. Not with fictitious fear mongering; instead we use factual information based in experience. So we ask you…is your life or the life of a family member worth $0.99?

Ray Morgan Director and Cinematographer of one of the most anticipated reptile films in history The Venom Interviews had this to say:

“As groups like HSUS intensity their campaign against animal ownership, people who keep animals with the potential to harm them are singled out for special scrutiny. And, since venomous reptiles and invertebrates belong to groups that inspire fear independently of how dangerous they may actually be, keepers who choose to work with these fascinating animals are obliged not only to avoid accidents, but to build public trust that private individuals can care for them safely and responsibly.

For those considering working with venomous animals, Venom in Captivity by John F. Taylor provides an excellent introduction to what’s involved. From examining your motives to assessing the risk to preparing for emergencies, potential keepers should read this article before making the move to hots.”

Here’s a direct quote from Jennifer who recently purchased Venom in Captivity.

“I originally purchased it thinking it would focus mostly on snakes and although I will probably never own a venomous snake, I’m always interested in reading anything reptile related. A few paragraphs in, I realized that it pertains to me as well – I have a few arachnids in my collection. Not only was it a good reminder to always take precautions, but it also confirmed that although I think venomous snakes and lizards are fascinating and amazing and AWESOME, they are not for me! I am not willing to put myself or my family at risk. Great report”

Cobraman Ray Hunter of Hunter Serpentology LLC had this to say

“I just bought a copy of this, John F Taylor, and I want to applaud you for the work you did to produce this very beneficial and essential protocols for those of us who are, or are to be, venomous handlers. I highly recommend this publication and will link this on my website. Thank you. Ray Hunter, Sc.D.”

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