Respiratory Infections in Reptiles

For those who keep reptiles as captive pets respiratory infections are of most prevalent ailments seen today. Because of this simple fact we asked our ‘in house’ veterinarian Dr. Sean McCormack to discuss with us in depth about the issue. Without going too much into detail and spoiling the piece. We are giving you this article on respiratory infections in reptiles as free download. This preview is directly taken from the magazine itself and is one of our most talked about works when it comes to reptile care. As far as we know, no other media has ever covered this issue this in-depth outside of a veterinary manual.

“Respiratory diseases in captive reptiles are all too common unfortunately and are a great source of frustration for owners and vets alike, as well as being a serious welfare concern for the animals affected. There are many causes including parasitic, bacterial, viral and fungal infections as well as traumatic injury, tumours and cardiac disease. Reptile respiratory disease is often more severe and difficult to treat than in mammals due to differences in anatomy and physiology, outlined below. As a vet with a special interest in reptiles, I often look at online herpetological forums. Treatment of respiratory infections, or R.I’s, is one of the most frequent topics provoking debate and disagreements, prompting criticism of vets as well as hobbyists, and often resulting in potentially harmful or at least misleading information being spread by so called experts. I am writing this article to provide an overview on respiratory conditions and treatments in reptiles. Hopefully this will give a better understanding of how such conditions can be prevented, what to look for when they do occur, how they can be treated and why they can be so difficult to treat. I will also attempt to dispel any misconceptions and answer some of the most common questions I encounter in clinical practice as well as on hobbyist forums. Similarly I will try to explain the decision making process and give an insight from the vet’s side of the consult table as I do see this as an area where the vet-client relationship is frequently strained due to poor communication on both sides.”

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Reptile Veterinarian Awareness

Reptile Veterinarian Awareness is not something that we often think about when we purchase a reptile and this topic actually was brought up in one of the social networks in a conversation with John Paul of Infinity Reptiles when discussing another article I had done regarding the medicating of reptiles in captivity. I of course thought this was a brilliant idea and one that every single person who is considering the ownership of a reptile must absolutely take into consideration. Myself am lucky enough to know many local vets who specialize in reptiles and amphibians but never thought of those first time buyers as John pointed out that may not have the same access to those resources. So I asked John to write about his experience for the magazine and below you can now download the article as it appears in the magazine. If you still haven’t subscribed to the magazine 2013 is the time to do so we are going to have a banner year with some new expansion coming and some amazing authors taking us through the year. Now then before downloading the article I would be remiss if we didn’t make it known that Dr. McCormack is available to answer all your herpetoculture needs right there in the Contact Us button to the left of the screen

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Tom Crutchfield of Crutchfield Reptiles Reviews Herpetoculture House!

Tom Crutchfield of Crutchfield Reptiles one of the most well-known herpetoculturists alive today sent us the following reader review after reading an issue of Herpetoculture House Magazine

“Hi John, I perused your on-line magazine and want to applaud you & and your professional staff for a job well done. The articles varied greatly from husbandry to “food for thought”. They were well written and extremely informative. I’m definitely going to subscribe…Thanks John for again serving the Herp Community…”

Shawn Heflick of NatGeo Wild Python Hunters Reviews Hepetoculture House

Shawn Heflick of NatGeo Wild Python Hunters had this to say about Herpetoculture House

“Recently, I was asked to review Herpetoculture House, a new online reptile and amphibian e-zine…and I was delightfully surprised. The articles are written by herpers for herpers, and cover everything from conservation to venomous. The subject matter is refreshing, informative and current. WELL DONE, to everyone involved!”

Greg Stephens Reader Review

Greg Stephens has this to say about Herpetoculture House Magazine “I just wanted to commend on producing an excellent publication. I have been a subscriber to another reptiles related magazine for quite sometime, and Herpetoculture House Ezine has far and away exceeded my expectations. The articles are well written and complete, unlike the previously mentioned and ever shrinking magazine. It is nice to be able to sit down with my Kindle and read quality articles without being bombarded with advertisements. Thanks again for a great publication”

Greg Stephens
Tri-State Herpetological Society

Hillary B. Reader Review

Here’s what Hillary B. had to say about reading an issue of Herpetoculture House before becoming a subscriber.

“I read the whole issue and it was great I loved all the articles and learned a few things. I can’t wait to read the next issue. I hope that you guys will keep this up for years to come its nice to have a mag that is not all about the advertisement. Also to be able to read the articles and be able to learn from them. My daughter reads one article a night before she goes to bed and then talks about it in the morning. Thanks again for such a good mag.”

Lillie Nyte Reader Review

Lillie Nyte was one of our first subscribers and has now become a columnist for Herpetoculture House magazine she had this to say when she first started reading.

“Herpetoculture House eZine was made by herp keepers for herp keepers. Their dedication truly shows in the quality articles contained within each issue. The best thing about this zine is that it focuses deeply on proper care of these amazing creatures. All too often information about proper caging and husbandry are glossed over in favor of breeding information or attempts to “sell” a species to those who are unprepared for a life long commitment to these animals. There are also very insightful articles about recent scientific findings and reptile interest (rather than human interest) stories. And the best part is? No need to flip through pages of advertisements as ads are kept to one page at the end of the zine.”

Lillie now authors our Herpetoculture 101 column!


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 Herpetoculture House Magazine Welcomes Ron Tremper & Matt Herbert

 Herpetoculture House Magazine a wholly owned subsidiary of The Reptile Apartment Group has expanded by welcoming two new columnists to the magazine. Ron Tremper most well known for being the absolute premier leopard gecko breeder in the world Ron has decided to grace our pages exclusively with “The Tremper Insider” which will be a column looking at varying trends and other herpetocultural interests that occur within the reptile industry.

Matt Herbert is well known for his humorous view of the world at large on the various social networks. He has been kind enough to join our team of columnists to turn what some may say is a ‘jaded eye’ towards the herpetoculture industry as he writes “Takes on Herpetoculture: An Irreverent Look at Reptile Culture.” He will be taking a curious and humorous look at the industry that we are all a part of and give it a lighter side making us cry with laughter.


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Jim’s Shivers Reptile Journal

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Herpetoculture House brings Reptile Shows & Expos to the Herpetoculture Community!

Herpetoculture House eZine a wholly owned subsidiary of The Reptile Apartment Group has recently obtained the amazingly talented Jim Shivers to share his adventures & knowledge of reptiles with the herpetoculture community. Jim has recently agreed to author our Reptile Journal column which will cover his experiences at reptile shows and expos as well as listing the shows that our community may want to attend in their travels looking for that perfect reptile pet. Look for Jim to appear in the July issue of Herpetoculture House.


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