Becky Billard Reviews Herpetoculture House Magazine

Becky had this to say about the magazine in a completely unsolicited review after receiving her 2012 subscription!

“Guys their herp magazine is pure gold, I’ve been reading for hours tonight! It takes good stuff to keep my attention that long! Thank you so much for such a great collection of info MY FAVE REPTILE MAGAZINE! And the most awesome thing is the hyperlinks to the info i would want to google and names I haven’t heard! Its making it way too easy to stay up all night absorbing knowledge haha! This is so worth it I am getting 2011 now I need this collection!”

Jim’s Shivers Reptile Journal

Contact: John F Taylor                                            For Immediate Release

Cell Phone: (619) 647-0487




Herpetoculture House brings Reptile Shows & Expos to the Herpetoculture Community!

Herpetoculture House eZine a wholly owned subsidiary of The Reptile Apartment Group has recently obtained the amazingly talented Jim Shivers to share his adventures & knowledge of reptiles with the herpetoculture community. Jim has recently agreed to author our Reptile Journal column which will cover his experiences at reptile shows and expos as well as listing the shows that our community may want to attend in their travels looking for that perfect reptile pet. Look for Jim to appear in the July issue of Herpetoculture House.


If you would like further information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with John F Taylor, please call John F Taylor at 619-647-0487 or e-mail John at