Becky Billard Reviews Herpetoculture House Magazine

Becky had this to say about the magazine in a completely unsolicited review after receiving her 2012 subscription!

“Guys their herp magazine is pure gold, I’ve been reading for hours tonight! It takes good stuff to keep my attention that long! Thank you so much for such a great collection of info MY FAVE REPTILE MAGAZINE! And the most awesome thing is the hyperlinks to the info i would want to google and names I haven’t heard! Its making it way too easy to stay up all night absorbing knowledge haha! This is so worth it I am getting 2011 now I need this collection!”

Shawn Heflick of NatGeo Wild Python Hunters Reviews Hepetoculture House

Shawn Heflick of NatGeo Wild Python Hunters had this to say about Herpetoculture House

“Recently, I was asked to review Herpetoculture House, a new online reptile and amphibian e-zine…and I was delightfully surprised. The articles are written by herpers for herpers, and cover everything from conservation to venomous. The subject matter is refreshing, informative and current. WELL DONE, to everyone involved!”