Reptile Veterinarian Awareness

Reptile Veterinarian Awareness is not something that we often think about when we purchase a reptile and this topic actually was brought up in one of the social networks in a conversation with John Paul of Infinity Reptiles when discussing another article I had done regarding the medicating of reptiles in captivity. I of course thought this was a brilliant idea and one that every single person who is considering the ownership of a reptile must absolutely take into consideration. Myself am lucky enough to know many local vets who specialize in reptiles and amphibians but never thought of those first time buyers as John pointed out that may not have the same access to those resources. So I asked John to write about his experience for the magazine and below you can now download the article as it appears in the magazine. If you still haven’t subscribed to the magazine 2013 is the time to do so we are going to have a banner year with some new expansion coming and some amazing authors taking us through the year. Now then before downloading the article I would be remiss if we didn’t make it known that Dr. McCormack is available to answer all your herpetoculture needs right there in the Contact Us button to the left of the screen

Download Reptile Veterinarian Awareness