Prescription for the Captive Care of Leopard Gecko Preview

Our first in the many eBooks to come is The Prescription for Leopard Gecko Captive CareOur eBook produced and published solely by The Reptile Apartment Group. We went ‘against the grain’ with this publication as it were because we weren’t happy with the formatting that eReaders such as Kindle and iPad demanded for their publication. Rather than compromise the quality of our work we decided to launch this in the format it was intended which is a real book.

Within this eBook from the authoritative author on Uromastyx, John F.Taylorand his co-author Tom Williams bring you an eBook designed specifically for the owner who is more focused on the care of leopard geckos featuring essential techniques from feeding to breeding. With this exclusive eBook you will be able to not only choose a healthy leopard gecko but with the skills you will learn in this eBook your gecko will thrive for years to come! You can download this exclusive eBook right now!

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