HerpHouse Vol. 4 Issue 2

HerpHouseMag Cover of Volume 4 Issue 2

HerpHouse Mag Vol. 4 Issue 2

In Vol. 4 Issue 2 we learn about the incredible Spotted Milksnake which is one of our favourite species of all the milksnakes. While in Herpetoculture 101 we are educated on mealworm and superworm breeding with Lillie Nyte. We are also graced by our second international author Francesco who writes to us from Italy about the Indian Cat Snake (Boiga ceylonensis). There’s more of course but go ahead and join us inside!

Herp House Vol. 4 Issue 1

Vol 4 Issue 1! Just being able to say Volume 4 of HerpHouse Mag is enough to give me goosebumps. Not only that but Rebecca Billard-Taylor has totally redesigned the entire magazine to be more interactive. The redesign also includes a much cleaner interior and well you just have to see it for yourself. So what we’ve done is made one of the Feature articles completely FREE! Which one? It’s a SECRET Download TOP SECRET FREE PREVIEW!

Cover of Herp House Mag Vol 4 Issue 1

SubscribeHH Vol 4 Issue 1

This issue of HerpHouse Mag features some incredible talents with the newly added columnists of James Tintle & Doug Mong of ColdBlooded Publishing and Tremendous Tricolors renown are authoring a completely new column directly based around our 2014 Herpetoculture and You Survey. Melissa Coakley has us running around Pennsylvania this issue rustling all kinds of awesome herps. Grab the issue now below! We’re then joined by none other than famed wildlife photographer Kim LaForest often better known as The Forest Photographer. We’re very sad to report that the lizard featured there in the lower right corner of the cover owned by Ray & Kim passed away suddenly. We would like to honor ‘Gramps’ with heartfelt farewell and empathy to Ray & Kim.