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In this issue we are taken over by the Teiidae family! I’m not kidding, two authors wrote about Tegus in this issue. Larissa Lurid gives us an in-depth look into the natural history, taxonomy, and captive care of the Tegu lizard species. She covers them all in one solid piece of writing that impressed us so much we had to make it available for (FREE DOWNLOAD) coming soon. We then get visited by Tripsy Tarantula who lends her expertise on handling and keeping one of the most venomous snakes in captivity today the Gaboon Viper! Lillie Nyte of Herpetoculture 101 unloads both barrels onto the herpetoculture industry warning us all to clean-up our own backyards. Todd The Snake Man educates us on the benefits of Off Schedule Feeding. Ron Tremper delves into the cold season with a new piece on hibernation. There’s a newer species of Gecko being seen known as Paroedura lohatsara and while an interesting species and relatively easy to care for as Kasi Krauss points out it’s also in need of conservation. Steve Atkins reminds us why it’s important to take our children with us into the field.

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